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I focus on the solutions, not the problems

Solution-Focused Advocacy

Legal problems can feel overwhelming. Focusing on the problems often leads to more problems, more time in court, higher legal bills, and destroyed relationships. Your time and money are better spent on doing the things you love. We are your advocates for the solutions.

Our Services

The court system is flooded with unrepresented people. So many people cannot afford to hire an attorney, yet they do not qualify for legal aid services. Solution-Focused Family Law is addressing the need for low-cost representation by proudly offering income-based legal representation.

Family Law

  • Divorce and Unmarried Parents

  • Custody and Parenting Time

  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

  • Retirement Accounts and Plans

  • Accounts and Investments

  • Real Estate, Mortgages, and Lines of Credit

  • Secured and Unsecured Debts

Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO)

  • Petitions for HROs

  • Responses for HROs

Order for Protection (OFP)

  • Petitions for OFPs

  • Responses to OFPs

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